Amy's Art Garden

graphic design, fine art and sculpture

Featuring the designs and artwork of Amy Muse, graphic designer, gourd artist, jewelry maker, and sculptor.

Welcome to the studio of Amy Muse!  I'm a Graphic Designer, Sculptor, Gourd-Carver, Purse-Maker, Jewelry Designer, Painter, Crafter, and a lot of other something-ers.

I divide my time between creating business marketing during the work week and creating strange pretty things in my own time. My current artistic endeavors include carving gourds into purses, sculpting dragons, and stringing pretty beads in interesting patterns.

Graphic Design

Business Collateral:  Logo Design, Branding, Brochures, Business Cards, Letterhead, Signs & Banners, Menus, Presentations, Newsletters, Website Integration, & more!

Wedding Invitations:  Completely customized to your theme! Let's create something that is perfect for you and will wow your guests! 

Charity & Fundraising:  Do you need help getting your charity noticed, established, or just connecting better with your target audience? Let's talk!

Photo Correction:  Do you have a photo that needs correcting, or need to make an image more personal or professional? I can help! 

Gourd Handbags

New Adventures: I began making purses out of gourds a couple years ago, and I've finally settled on the right combination of materials and methods to feel comfortable selling them as a durable and fashionable products! I don't have many made yet, but they will get posted in the shop as I complete them.

Custom Bags:  Everybody I talk with about these purses has their own great idea about what they'd want on a purse if they were to buy one. I love it! If you have a design in mind, I'd be happy to custom create a handbag for you! 


Dragons:  I've been sculpting with polymer clay and mixed media for several years.  Early on I made a pair of dragons for the top of a wedding cake, and I have had several requests since then. Each pair is custom sculpted to fit the couple's wedding theme and colors.  I do take commissions for them, although my focus is more on gourd purses and smaller sculptures at the moment.  Please feel free to contact me by email if you would like to order a custom piece.

USB Drives - I'm thinking about making sculptures around micro USB thumb-drives. If you think that's a fun idea too, send me a request!



Current Styles: Lately I've been having fun making small fringe necklace & earring sets, beaded onto leather or waxed bamboo cord.  Most of my beads are glass or stone, with a few lucite, wood, bone, metal, or crystal thrown in. I love to match outfits, so if you have a color combination in mind, I'd be happy to make something special for you!

Older Styles: A few years back I was really into bead weaving and make some pretty interesting pieces which you might see pop up in my gallery. It's a very time-consuming process so I don't do it much anymore, but again, I could dive into it for a commission! 

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