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Featuring the designs and artwork of Amy Muse, graphic designer, gourd artist, jewelry maker, and sculptor.

All the pretty things

Working with beads can be meditative like knitting, except with more pliers.  I saw some earrings while shopping for beads and thought ‘I have some flowers like that, and some brass bead caps too! I could make those!’  I got on a roll and made several pairs in the last few days.  Unlike painting and sculpting, it’s tough to stay perfectly original in beading since you’re building things with the same components that are available to other crafters. It is still a joy to put together pretty little baubles that bring smiles to faces.

Too much Awesome

I'm having so much fun with Squarespace's website tools.  I'm on the third template and I think I've finally found the look I was going for in my website. That's not because the other templates were bad, but as I keep learning and exploring, each new one I've tested is better than the one before!

I'm pretty sure I'll keep this one now... but if my website looks different next time you visit... you'll know the reason!  What is really working for me is the user-friendly tools. I can explore them a little, ignore the site for a month, and when I come back, I don't have to recall all the different pathways to get to what I want; it's very easy to figure out how to manipulate my site again.

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